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The weather in Jacksonville is always sunny all year round. Outdoor structures such as patios and decks are very popular with homeowners due to favorable weather. With less than a price of a concrete structure, you can add utility and outdoor space to your properties that can last for decades with proper maintenance.

But as we all know, outdoor fixtures need consistent repair and maintenance to make sure a deck is structurally sound, functional, and stylish. Although there are deck repair and restoration projects that you can DIY, you should entrust the following repairs below in the hands of capable repair providers such as Deck Builders Jacksonville.

It’s good to be knowledgeable with repairs and maintenance projects, especially if you own a deck or a sunroom. But knowing when to call for help from a pro is also necessary. So here are some deck repair projects that should only be done by the pros!

Deck Repair Projects can improve the value of your home

1. Fragile Deck Posts

Deck support beams are often afflicted with wood rot and weaken their various parts. A weak deck support beam will endanger the structural integrity of the deck. Once the weakened structure gave up, this can cause various injuries for homeowners and their family who uses the deck regularly. Unfortunately, wood rot is an inevitable thing for all wooden products.

Wood rot can spread in other wooden structures, making it tricky to deal with.  When repairing rotting beams and posts, calling a pro is always advised. Pros can look at wooden frames more thoroughly using their extensive experience in repairing decks. With a pro’s help, you can rest assured that all rotting parts in your deck posts and beams accounted for.

2. Loose Railings

Problems in deck railings are often ignored or procrastinated. After all, if you don’t lean on it, there wouldn’t be a problem with it, right? But, unfortunately, a loose or deteriorating railing is often a sign that your deck might have multiple issues. For instance, the structure might not have a solid connection to the frame or post.

Due to constant weathering effects, this problem might also be due to carriage bolts or screws affected by the wood drying out. Unfortunately, what’s causing the loose railings might be hard to locate and pinpoint. Since this problem can cause injuries to family members and guests, calling a pro as soon as possible is always a good idea.

3. Leak Repair

Another major issue that requires a deck repair pro to handle is deck leaks. In most cases, botched waterproofing causes leaks in various parts of the deck. However, it is also possible that a lousy installation of the deck is the culprit altogether. Regardless of the cause, repairing a leaking deck as soon as possible using the proper methods is necessary.

Either way, you should address this problem as soon as possible to prevent the leak from further damaging your deck. When ignored, the damage from leaks might prompt homeowners to replace their decks altogether. A deck repair professional is an expert at finding and patching up deck leak sources effectively.

4. Widespread Rot or Deterioration

Wood rot is one of the biggest problems for wooden structures, especially outdoor structures like decks. This issue is even more apparent on decks installed within a body of water. Additionally, temperature changes and foreign organic objects such as leaves can also cause wood rot.

Much like deck leaks, the cause of accumulated wood rot might not be an obvious one. However, before you know it, your deck is already damaged beyond repair. But if an inexperienced person starts to poke around every plank and wooden board, this can lead to further damages instead.

Calling a deck repair professional for help is necessary to facilitate the immediate repair and stop the rot from further spreading. Deck Builders Jacksonville uses non-invasive tools and methods to minimize the damage while maximizing the area of coverage for finding the cause of the rot.

5. Deck Elevation

And last but not least, deck owners should call a pro for elevating the already existing structure. There are a lot of things to consider when changing a deck structure. Even a slight elevation can affect its structural integrity, especially when the deck is near a body of water.

Adding elevation to decks or building an elevated deck, in general, is a chore for professional builders. The amount of construction required is expensive and complex. Someone with vast experience like the folks from Deck Builders Jacksonville is detrimental to the structural integrity. Call us now and get a free consultation with our deck construction and estimation experts.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Keeping your deck in a tip-top shape is necessary if you want to keep it for years. But what if you don’t have the time or the skill to waterproof your deck or find wood rot and other damages? This problem is another reason to hire pros to do your bidding: most deck repair pros also offer maintenance and cleaning services.

You don’t have to invest in buying tools and materials which you might not regularly use. Instead, hiring a deck repair service is a convenient and effective way to keep your decks sturdy and stylish. Then, all you have to do is to enjoy time with your family and friends.

How can we help?

Folks at Deck Builders Jacksonville offers high-quality services with optimal materials at very affordable prices. We drive the planning, designing, and execution for the installation or repair of structurally sound yet stylish outdoor decks. As of now, deck options include elevated decks, half decks, wraparounds, and open decks. If you need a patio instead, look further because we offer patio services as well.

If you need a deck repair in Jacksonville done as soon as possible, Deck Builders Jacksonville got your back. Call us right now to get a free quote before availing of service packages. With high-quality materials, affordable prices, and satisfaction guaranteed, we only offer services that give a high level of customer satisfaction.