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A pergola does more than add a beautiful archway over your deck or patio. It also produces an enjoyable experience as you’re relaxing outside during the day.

A pergola will produce enough light shade to create a gentle atmosphere in the spring and summer. You’ll receive plenty of light, but the shade will ensure you feel comfortable while you are outside.

The Purpose of a Pergola

A pergola creates a unique space for outdoor living. The design features a series of beams supported by a few vertical posts, where the beams produce an open lattice effect.

Pergolas add an extra bit of shade to a patio or deck. A pergola can also be utilized for hanging plants or for growing vines if you wish. You could also add lights to your pergola roof to create an enjoyable site for evening entertainment.

What Does a Pergola Feature?

A pergola features many parts that produce a unique covering that works over any patio or deck in your home. Here’s what you’ll find in your pergola:

  • Your pergola will feature a wall anchor that supports its overall length. The anchor is a ledger board and features a piece of lumber or another material that serves as a base to the planks on top of the pergola.
  • The footings in your pergola will support the posts that keep the pergola upright. The footings should be deep enough to secure the posts and keep them from shaking or shifting.
  • The posts and beams on your pergola make up much of its physical body. The beams should be parallel to the ledger board, while you also use at least four posts. You can use more posts if you have a longer pergola that requires extra support or if you want something more decorative.
  • Your pergola will also include rafters that secure the beams. These can go perpendicular to the beams to create a lattice effect. The rafters can hold decorative designs at their ends.

The entire design will produce a lattice style that creates a calm and enjoyable space where you can enjoy a bit of shade while outdoors. The pergola adds a comfortable feeling to the outside area, providing an enjoyable way to relax.

The pergola can also include hooks or supports for any lighting wires or plants you wish to add. Pergolas are easy to customize to your liking, although it helps to have a plan for what you’ll do beforehand.

Materials For Your Pergola

A pergola can be made with one of many quality materials:

  • Traditional lumber is useful, especially as you can stain your lumber in many tones.
  • Composite lumber will feature wood mixed with a binding agent like a plastic compound. A composite material provides a dense and sturdy body.
  • Various plastic materials can work, although polycarbonate materials are best in this case. Polycarbonate items can resist the sun’s rays and different weather conditions.
  • Metal is not as common due to its weight. But you can use some lightweight and durable metals like aluminum in your pergola.

Whatever the case, the pergola should be made with materials that blend in with your home. The pergola should look like a unique addition to your property and not something that you added to it at the last minute. The design requires a quaint and valuable look that adds a nice touch to your property.

Sizing Considerations

A pergola will feature various physical points to make it work:

  • A pergola will be about eight to twelve feet high.
  • A traditional pergola will be at least twelve feet long on each side. You can produce a rectangular pergola with two fourteen or sixteen-foot sides if you wish.
  • Most pergolas are square or rectangular. Pergolas can also feature curved shapes, although that requires extra preparation.

Boost Your Home’s Value

You can increase your home’s value when you install a pergola on your property. A pergola will expand your outdoor living space. Outdoor living has become especially popular in the last few years, as people are always looking for ways to make the outside parts of their homes more inviting.

Will a Pergola Block Out the Sun?

A pergola isn’t going to block out the sun, as it doesn’t produce a complete cover. But the pergola will provide some relief from the sun’s rays, as it keeps them from being as intense. You will continue to get enough natural sunlight, plus air will circulate well. You can always add a retractable tarp or cover over your pergola if you wish.

We Can Help You With Your Pergola

While a pergola can be an outstanding feature to add to your home, the process of getting one ready can be daunting. You need to figure out what materials you’ll use for your pergola. You must also plan a suitable shape and size for the pergola. Don’t forget about the installation process, as that requires extensive planning and effort.

Our team at Deck Builders Jacksonville can help you with every step in the process. We’ll be there to plan and build a unique pergola that fits your interests and your property. We’ll also help you install the entire space and ensure it fits well with your needs.

We provide top-rate materials for all homeowners throughout the Jacksonville area. We create distinct designs that fit the unique interests and values of anyone looking for a new living space.

Our experts will discuss our plans for your pergola before we start. We’ll adhere to whatever feedback or recommendations you want us to follow. We can work with whatever unique demands you might hold, plus we’ll offer a reasonable quote for services that you’ll appreciate. We aim to be direct when discussing how we’ll help you with your pergola plans.

Contact us at Deck Builders Jacksonville today to learn more about how a pergola can work wonders for your property. We can help you find a smart solution to your pergola needs, and we’ll help you install everything to your liking.