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Deck options include:

  • Elevated Decks
  • Half Decks
  • Wrap Arounds
  • Open Decks

Other services we offer:

Pool decks can add extra space to your area. Seating area can be built in. The pool can be elevated above the deck, sunken into the deck or done halfway up. Many people choose to have the entire pool wrapped in a fabulous composite deck, while the pool itself is swathed in rock or contrasting materials. Others prefer just a simple set of steps and a small entrance deck to one side of the pool. We can come up with the best design for your pool.

Your ground may require some grading to prepare for the new deck. For a day or two your yard may be a dirty mess, but it will be worth it. Holes will be dug for the corner posts. This seems to require a lot of time, but it is critical to make sure these posts are level. They will support the framework of the deck.

Watch Your Deck Appear

Once your posts and band boards (fascia)are placed, you will be able to see the general outline of your deck. Once the framing in has been done, the pool deck floor will go very quickly. If you’ve opted for an inlayed pattern you can watch it appear. Built in lighting, seating and elevated steps will be put in during the building process.

The flooring can have beautiful patterned inlays for added aesthetic appeal. Railing and steps are the next step. Your personal style can really shine through here. Extra finishing touches like brass or bronze rail caps, sunburst panels, and clear glass panels for a spectacular view are all ways to customize your pool area. At this point we can also add safety gates to ensure kids cannot access the pool without adult supervision. Make it your own or follow the ideas from your contractor for a phenomenal outdoor gathering area.

Function and Appeal

While your pool deck will add space and value to your home, it also serves as a functional addition. Your filtration system will be hidden from view but still accessible.

Deck Maintenance and Repair

If your deck is elevated, the underside will be disguised with lattice work or other materials. A small door will allow access to the pump and other parts for any repair. Pool deck repair is usually quite simple, consisting of replacing a board or sanding and re-staining a real wood deck.

Wooden decks will require more maintenance than composites. They do not last as long either, but with proper care, they can give you years of enjoyment before they need to be replaced.

If you choose to use composite materials pool deck repair is rarely required. Composite material is weather-resistant. The sun and heat or the snow and ice do not compromise the integrity of the materials. It is also resistant to mold, mildew, and rot – which is great since it will be around a lot of water.

Enjoy Your New Deck

Whether you opt for a composite or wooden deck, with stone, special wood, or brass accents, inlayed patterns or built-in seating, your new deck should give you years of enjoyment. Gather friends and celebrate your new space!